Private Roller

Shake the dice, spin that wheel, ‘reap the river’ and turn your guests into High Rollers – Las Vegas Style!  Pulses will race and tears of laughter will be flowing.

High Rollers Fun Casino Nights can be one of the best ways to give your party a special WOW! Factor that your friends and family will talk about long after the party’s over.

High Rollers are here to help you create that special night. Let us tailor make your casino party with a selection of gaming tables of your choice.

Here is how we help:

Finding a venue?

We have many venues we work with and can suggest a venue for your event. If you have a preferred venue we may need to do a site inspection to plan the floor layout and add value with our suggestions for Theming, layout and other integrated options such as Street Theatre or specialised Entertainment attractions.

Event Dates?

If you have a proposed date please give us a call and we can make your event our priority.

Number of Tables?

We recommend a ratio of 15 guests per gaming table (Roulette, Craps & Two Up cater for larger numbers) over a 2-4 hour period. For example if you have 80 guests we would recommend 5 tables however we would undertake a complete review of the site to ensure you have the right atmosphere at the time.

Complete Planning!

If your party is from 6pm to midnight we would install tables and theming that afternoon well before your event starts. Guests arrive and enjoy a drink and something to eat prior to the Casino opening.

The High Rollers Casino opens at 8pm and at 11pm the High Rollers bank is open for guests to cash in all their chips and are given a ‘cheque’ to the value of their winnings. 11.30pm winners are announced and formalities are finalised for a midnight finish.


We use original casino equipment (no cheap imitations!). Our staff are all professionally trained croupiers and selected as much for their personality as their dealing ability.  A selection of games we offer include: Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Unders & Overs, Money Wheel, Crown & Anchor and Two Up.