How Fun Casino Nights Work

Upon arrival each guest is given our unique fun High Rollers gaming dollars. Guests exchange High Rollers dollars at the gaming table of their choice for casino chips. Guests then play the casino games of their choice around the ‘casino’ until the time expires.

Remember – guests don’t need to know how to play the games – our staff are fully qualified and give instructions as your guests are playing. It’s a great fun event!

Your guest’s experience the excitement of collecting casino chips and moving around the gaming tables with guests holding on to their pretend winnings as if it were a real casino.

Once the playing time is over, your guest’s cash in their casino chips and we can determine the ‘High Roller’ of the night.

The High Rollers Fun Casino Night is a night filled with anticipation, excitement and entertainment. We’re sure you’ll have a great event which will be spoken about – and probably asked for again – for a long time to come.