About High Rollers Casino

Rollout the Red Carpet for the exclusive High Rollers, the Glitz, the Glamour, the fun and excitement of a casino night at your event, place your bets and let it roll!

Your High Rollers Guests are ready for a Fun Casino Night!

High Rollers Fun Casino Nights bring the Entertainment of a real casino experience to your special event. We have been supplying casino equipment and presenting fun casino nights for over 20 years.

We use top class full size gaming tables to suit any occasion. From a major corporate event to a small party with a group of friends we re-create the complete casino experience including gaming tables, cards, accessories and casino chips.

You can choose any of our Concept Nights to really personalise your event. We also offer personalised casino chips with your brand or company logo or party event so the chip becomes a special memento of the event for your High Rolling Guests!

Our service provides fully qualified gaming staff, all themes and equipment to make a night your guests will be talking about well after it’s over.

Make your Casino Night one to remember

Our range of sophisticated illuminated casino furniture will enhance your Casino experience and your guests will love the experience. 

Every Casino in the World has a High Rollers room where only the elite are invited to play. Treat your guests as High Rollers when you book our High Rollers Fun Casino for your next event.

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For that WOW FACTOR, Illuminated Water, and Illuminated Furniture can have your logo or message attached!




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